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I recently participated in the Knowledge Transfer Session for the recent APQC Study: The Role of Evolving Technologies: Accelerating Collaboration and Knowledge Transfer, and after beginning to socialize the study results with varous colleagues across the organization, one in IM/RM posed some interesting questions around Web 2.0 policies, practices and guidelines.

There certainly seems to be some polarization on the topic, perhaps aligned with the conflicts between traditional management paradigms who take a strong risk position, and new principles and approaches to management and leadership emerging in the workplace, perhaps characterized somewhat by Euan Semple's blog entry titled "Saying we need a blogging code of conduct to behave ...... is like saying we need the bible to be moral. "

Some organizations on the leading edge of Web 2.0 implementing in the workplace rely on existing business ethics and conduct policies to cover social technologies.

Nonetheless, any contributions to my colleague's questions below would be much appreciated.

  • Do any of the best practice organizations have any policies, guidelines, principles, terms of use specific to their collaborative spaces that they would be willing to share?
  • Where the collaborative space involves contributions from global participants, how are they dealing with international copyright laws that may be attached to the information?
  • What processes are being used for managing quality and appropriateness of the information? 
  • How are collaborative process facilitated within the Web 2.0 workspaces (ie. gardener role - helping to ensure an active collaborative exchange)

Many thanks in advance,

Dale Arseneault

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