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Both ONASurveys and Polinode allow uyou to upload data pulled from employee data. Respondents then can search or select names from the master list. No manual reconciliation of names should be required.


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Hi Allison, I’d be interested to hear more about that as well! I tend to do manual data cleanup when using ONA tools such as Kumu, ucinet/netdraw and nodexl... I’ve pulled data from AD then manually created forms (and conducted interviews) to do what you’re asking about...


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Is anyone aware of an ONA (organizational network analysis) tool that can be integrated with Active Directory (or can leverage data from AD)? I'm in the early stages of planning an ONA for our ~1500 employees and am looking for a way to validate employee data entry (names of other employees) to save myself the pain of having to clean it up manually after the survey. In other words, I'd like to allow survey participants to choose employees from a people picker rather than having them type in names manually.

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