Re: Web 2.0 Policies / Guidelines / Practices #collaboration

Dale Arseneault <dalearseneault@...>

Thanks for the Reference to Patrick's blog entry Jack.. very useful.

I agree that as more organizations look at Web 2.0 technolgies inside
the firewall, these types of policies will be more common. Well, at
least discussions about them will be more frequent.

It's not uncommon for managers and staff in organizations to be
subjected to "death by policy" though disconnected, overly complex,
un-reconsileable, often conflicting policies from a variety of internal
service/stakeholder groups. Perhaps that's a symptom of both a lack of
collaboration across corporate administrative silos to develop simple,
integrated policies, and / or an attempt to exert control over what is
ultimately difficult or impossible to control.

Hopefully, as policy / guideline / practice instruments are developed to
cover Web 2.0, they will be simple, resonable, and presume that people
are generally well intentioned, and not the reverse.


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