Re: Web 2.0 Policies / Guidelines / Practices #collaboration

Tom Short <tom.short@...>

-- In sikmleaders@..., "Dale Arseneault" wrote:

> Some organizations on the leading edge of Web 2.0 implementing in the
workplace rely on existing business ethics and conduct policies to cover social technologies.

Dale - when I worked at IBM we had a variety of web-based comms/collaboration technologies deployed inside the firewall, including IM, threaded discussion, and document repositories (no blogs - they didn't really exist yet) - these along with, of course, email, were all accessible to the 300,000+ IBMers globally.

There were the usual company policies forbidding posting company confidential material, abusive language, etc.  Because it was a business environment, and anonymity was not an option, there was really very little/no abuse that I ever saw in any of these channels - at least nothing that would indicate the need for any additional policies when it comes to blogging.


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