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That’s great Patrick.  There is great value here in that the criteria will be impartial and broadly contributed to.  It will neither be commercially based nor sponsored and will reflect an international perspective on KM and performance in the organization. BZ!


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That's fabulous! Thank you, Patrick.


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The KM and Innovation Research Centre Hong Kong (which ran the Asian MAKE awards) is putting together an international group to run the “Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise” award, which is modelled on the MAKE.


This initiative is with the support of Rory Chase. The MIKE award seeks to relate the efforts of knowledge management to an organisation's innovative performance.


An international  working group has been formed  to revamp the MAKE into MIKE. At present, there are 10 countries/regions that may  join the pilot run in 2018. These include China ,  HKSAR ,  Japan, Australia, NZ, Indonesia, India, Iran, Germany and  Finland. 



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I think whoever does should raise the bar, John.


Fantastically Admired Knowledge Enterprise  awards has a nice ring to it... ;-)

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Anybody thinking/planning a similar approach (for KM awards)?

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