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Guillermo A. Galdamez

Hi Mark,

Without any specifics, it is really difficult to answer your question. This being said, here are some considerations you may want to think about:
  • I like to think that there are two sides to Governance: A Strategic side, and an Operational side.  The strategic side deals with larger, longer-term changes, for example changing the objective of your knowledge base, deciding whether to cover new domains and audiences, changing underlying technologies, and making sure that the knowledge base is aligned to the objectives of your organization. The operational side would deal with more day-to-day issues: adding pages to the wiki, reviewing for quality and accuracy, user management, etc.
  • Roles and responsibilities - Who does what, and when. These would cover both the strategic decisions and the operational ones.
  • Training - What do the people fulfilling the roles within your knowledge base need to know? What do they need to be proficient at?
  • Metrics - From the operational side, you need metrics to let you know whether or not you are doing things right. From the strategic side, metrics to let you know if you are doing the right things.  For both:  Who is responsible for collecting them, and how often? Who is responsible for reviewing them, and acting upon the findings?
Hope this helps!



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Mark –


Can I ask what the purpose of the governance is?  There’s an inverse relationship between the amount of sharing and the number of rules so I generally keep the rules pretty lightweight.


More frequently the challenge is setting the standard behavior which is much more shaping and steering.  (Governance’s root is steering but that’s not the common use today.)


Can you share more about the outcome you want?





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I am new to the field of Knowledge Management.  My company has a wiki for our engineers that includes a knowledge bank.  I am trying to develop rules of governance for the wiki.  Does anybody have any experience with developing rules of governance for a wiki or knowledge bank?  Does anybody have or know of an example of such rules?





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