Usage agreements for client/partner collaboration extranets #collaboration

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Here is a reply from Craig Gilbert of HP's IT group to Paul's questions.

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Subject: RE: Usage agreements for client/partner collaboration extranets

Please see my replies below. There are still some questions about how we
will implement the Phase 3 (customers, partners) part of external
access. Please let me know if you have any questions about what I have
written. Hopefully this is useful.


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Subject: [sikmleaders] Usage agreements for client/partner collaboration

We will soon provide externally accessible collaboration spaces to
Unisys sales and delivery teams and their clients and business partners.
We are trying to determine the right level of legal protection that
minimizes liability risk to Unisys without discouraging productive use
of the facility. I would appreciate hearing any experience people have
in this area, specifically:

1) Do you host an extranet for two-way document sharing and
collaboration with clients or partners?

[Craig Gilbert] We are currently in the process of enabling SharePoint
to be used in this manner. At present users requiring this capability
are requested to consider the HP eRoom solution. Our long term plan is
to shut down eRoom and make SharePoint the collaborative solution for
inside and outside of HP.

2) If so, do you require client or partner organizations to sign a
specific terms of use document?

[Craig Gilbert] There will be a requirement for users to sign a document
or at least acknowledge the "terms of use" for the SharePoint external
access solution via a web form. Unless users provide a signature or
agree (via the web form) to the "terms of use" they will not be allowed
to access our servers.

3) Do you require each user of the environment to acknowledge standard
terms and conditions of use prior to entry?

[Craig Gilbert] Yes

4) Do you use some other legal strategy to minimize company liability?

[Craig Gilbert] The team has been working with HP legal to ensure that
what we are offering and how we have enabled it will minimize the
liability. Basically, this will be handled via the wording of the

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