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If you want to measure use (or reuse), then usage statistics will
suffice. If you want to measure value, then I think you have to look

As Kate's developers pointed out, the statistics do take up space.
In our case, the storage space of our usage statistics is roughly
equal to the storage space of our content.

As far as usage metrics go, we can glean/interpret a lot of
information. Here are some examples from our system. Through the
first 10 days of January, 36.3% of our almost 25,000 members have
logged into the system at least once. Another 21.3% logged in in
December, and 10% in November. Having 67.6% of the users access the
system at least once in the last three months indicates a pretty good
level of overall usefulness.

We typically have about 400 documents downloaded daily. Of these,
about 100 documents are downloaded by one person getting one
document. The next 100 are one person getting 2 or 3 documents. I
take this measurement to indicate that users can get into the system
find what they need, download it, and get back to work.

We know by knowledge object / document how often it has been
downloaded, and by whom. Every user can see these statistics. Every
piece of content also has a review date set with notifications. Part
of the review process can include reviewing statistics for the
document. We can also run reports on the top read or downloaded
objects as well as the bottom.

We have many other statistical reports that can help measure use,
reuse, or usability, but these are independent of value measurement.

Hope this helps,
John McQuary
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a question
I fully agree that the success stories and best practices that can
be shared is a much more valuable way to measure the value the
investment is making to the business. And that hits, visits,
searches, etc. do not tell you that; though they at least ensure
adoption and usage.
However, I have also had many people wanting to understand 'reuse'
of the documents made available, not to necessarily justify the
direct KM investment, but to ensure that the tangible IP knowledge
that is being provided (shared, stored, etc.) is of value; therefore
assuming it is being used to improve the business. That said,
unfortunately 'downloads' does not guarantee that the things being
downloaded are of true value of quality, completeness, etc... And
ratings and feedback are often viewed as subjective.

Have you found any effective means of measuring true 'reuse'?

Bernadette Boasbernadette.boas@...

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+0000Subject: [sikmleaders] Re: Does anyone have tool for cleaning
reporting documentum (doc mgt system) hits and downloads?

Kate,I would encourage you to look for additional methods to
demonstarte the value of knowledge sharing and collaboration. We do
have extensive usage statistics, but concentrating on them diminshes
the value of people-to-people connections. The usage metrics also
tend to drive to a cost savings perspective rather than a value
generation view.We use our usage metrics to demonstrate the level of
activity in the tool, and use success stories to convey the value
being generated.Regards,John McQuaryVice President Knowledge
Management and Technology StrategiesFluor CorporationOne Fluor Daniel
DriveSugar Land, TX 77478-3899281-263-2533 (w)281-263-2101 (f)--- In, "Pugh, Katrina" <katrina.pugh@> wrote:>>
Hi, all -> > We need to report the ROI for our entire knowledge
management system. At> present, the tools of collaboration and
document management are loosely> coupled. People will click through
the web interface (which we can> track) but access "certified"
knowledge in the document management> system. > > I would like to
calculate the likely reuse value based on the number of> actual
downloads (and search results) in Documentum, but the challenge> is
that I'm hearing that "the tool was not made to do that type of>
reporting." The developers say that this would require capturing and>
storing the log file (very very big), and then writing code to do
siphon> of our counts and metadata, and then generate reports off of
it. > > That seems like unusually big expense for something that
would seem to> me to be a very common problem among knowledge
managers looking to> measure the impact of document management
repositories. Has anyone seen> or built a tool to do this? > >
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