Re: Does anyone have tool for cleaning reporting documentum (doc mgt system) hits and downloads? #metrics #value

Lee Romero

For what it's worth - being successful with a tool like SiteCatalyst
(with which I'm quite familiar) is dependent on what you're trying to

I think this thread originally started out with a question about
metrics on document downloads. If so, SiteCatalyst *can* do that to
some extent, but it is dependent on the injection of JavaScript into
web pages for its data collection, so in the case of document
downloads, SiteCatalyst only captures metrics on downloads coming from
a web page that links to the document.

If you have links to documents from pages without the SiteCatalyst
JavaScript or if you or your users share links to documents through
other means (emails or email newsletters are common for example),
SiteCatalyst can not track those.

The impact is that, for documents, you only capture a portion of your
potential document downloads, not all of them. What that percentage
is would be hard to gauge. If you have no links outside of your web
site (perhaps your site makes it hard to get the URLs for individual
documents in a way that can be shared), it will track all of them; if
you have a lot of newsletters where you point directly to documents
and not to a page the links to the document, you'll capture a much
smaller percentage of downloads.

SiteCatalyst is very good at web site metrics, though, and they
provide a lot of flexibility in tying those metrics to campaigns you
can define. Just don't think that if your interest is primarily in
document downloads that you will get a very complete picture through a
tool like this.

Hope this is useful :-)

Lee Romero

On Jan 15, 2008 9:00 PM, <TPangakis@...> wrote:

Hi all,

Kate and I have been exchanging e-mail about Omniture SiteCatalyst for
traffic monitoring of access points. To summarize: Adding some JavaScript
to web pages (assuming a license with Omniture, of course), enables the
sending of user data to a comprehensive data warehouse. Through path
analysis, you can determine WHAT users choose and, applying skills and
experience - you (the knowledge analyst) can theorize WHY they chose it and
WHERE the gaps are, for a particular subset.


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