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Sandra Lopez

Tks Stand, I know that you said me, My questión is: if you know some way to simplify this audit knowlege or spped the process to users don´t feel heavy?

El mar., 13 nov. 2018 a las 0:37, stangarfield@... [sikmleaders] (<sikmleaders@...>) escribió:

Knowledge Audit is a systematic process to identify an organization’s knowledge needs, resources and flows, as a basis for understanding where and how better knowledge management can add value. Knowledge Audit is a formal determination and evaluation of how and where knowledge is used in business processes. It identifies implicit user needs and explicit information stores to evaluate all information resources and workflows, and determine enterprise user access requirements. It is a rigorous process using questionnaires, interviews and resource descriptions. It helps the audited unit determine what it knows, who knows what, what it does not know, what it needs to know, and how it should improve the management of its current knowledge.


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