Re: December 2018 SIKM Call: Carla O'Dell and Lauren Trees of APQC - High-Touch KM for a High-Tech World #APQC #monthly-call


Nice update on APQC’s latest take on KM. A question came up for me that we didn’t have time for today:
There was a slide about How Technology Helps KM, that discussed how new tech like data analytics, machine learning and AI can be used to automate some of the more mundane, routine tasks of KM content management. The question this triggered for me was, How can KM help with the adoption of new technology?

It seems to me that having a base roadmap to start with that prescribes a particular suite of KM tools/interventions would be really helpful to jumpstart a KM initiative that is aimed at supporting a given type of technology deployment. As companies focus on digital transformation, rolling out RPA, embracing analytics, etc., I believe our field has a ton of useful insight to offer in support of these rollouts and transformations, that would help accelerate them, and reduce the time to value realization. I would have loved to ask Carla and Co. whether APQC has pulled together any templates or roadmaps that provide a straw model KM solution template for various types of tech deployments that companies may be pursuing. I would think this would be helpful, as there are so many different types of km tool and varieties of KM interventions. And the various technologies each have their own challenges - some overlapping, some unique to a given technology.

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