Re: December 2018 SIKM Call: Carla O'Dell and Lauren Trees of APQC - High-Touch KM for a High-Tech World #APQC #monthly-call

Marianne Knight

the link for the survey is broken

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TO: SIKM Leaders Community

Today we held our 160th monthly call. Here are the details:
APQC is running a short (12- question) survey on people’s KM plans and priorities for 2019. APQC will share the results with all participants and use them to guide future research. You can take the survey at

Thanks to Carla and Lauren for presenting, to Jean-Claude Monney, Adriaan Jooste, and Bob Armacost for participating in the conversation, and to Mary Abraham, Dean Testa, Jean-Claude Monney, and Guillermo Galdamez for live tweeting. Please continue the discussion in the Yahoo! Group by replying to this thread.

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