VIDEOS: Wikipedia & Wikidata Seminar #video #wikis

Matt Moore <innotecture@...>

Pru Mitchell - Wikipedia / Wikimedia Overview:

Tony Naar - Wikipedia and the Australian Paralympic History project:
Toby Hudson - Using Wikidata for Chemistry, Education, Australia, and #FakeNews:

Wikipedia is the 5th most visited web site in the world. Uniquely for a tech titan, it is a not-for-profit largely run by volunteers. In this seminar, volunteers from Wikipedia (and the Wikimedia Foundation that supports it) will discuss:
- How the Wikimedia movement works, and how Australians can contribute to, and benefit from the priorities of knowledge service and knowledge equity.
- The current status of linking and systematisation of open data and concepts, and demonstrate applications and opportunities made possible by Wikidata in areas such as geography, statistics, newspapers, law, heritage and biota.
- How Wikipedia provides a service as the infrastructure for projects like the Australian Paralympic History Project.


Pru Mitchell has been involved in the Australian chapter of Wikimedia since its inception in 2008, and currently serves as President. She is an educator and librarian, working in educational research, with a strong interest in scholarly publishing and metadata workflows for the GLAM sector.

Tony Naar, is facilitator of the Australian Paralympic History Project which uses Wikipedia as a platform. Tony was key to the establishment of the history project while in his previous role as manager of Knowledge Services at the Australian Paralympic Committee, and in partnership with The University of Queensland.

Toby Hudson is a Senior Lecturer, and Director of First Year Chemistry at the University of Sydney. His research interests span materials chemistry simulation, search & optimisation, and educational technology. He has been involved in WMF projects since 2004, especially Commons, Wikidata, and the English Wikipedia, and has participated in a wide range of Australian, Educational and Scientific projects.

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