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Stephen Bounds

Hi Aaron,

Firstly, what level of cross-language compatibility are you hoping for? For example, is it:

  • A system interface that is supported by multiple languages
  • The ability to go to a single URL and have the same content presented in your own language
  • The ability to search and filter across a corpus of documents by language
  • The ability to translate text in-place from any document to another language on demand

Secondly, is mobile browser access a nice to have or must have?

Lastly, what does "success" look like? Is that known yet?


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On 27/03/2019 3:34 am, Aaron F Buchsbaum abuchsbaum@... [sikmleaders] wrote:

Hi friends,

I have a rather gnarly, but not unusual problem.

I am asked to create a community platform. Ideal functions are file sharing, calendar, and discussions. Everything else is nice-to-have.

The user base comes from (1) at least 57 different countries, (2) in general are time-deprived, (3) have widely varying levels of familiarity with computers and web browsing, and (4) speak different languages.

Can anyone speak to this type of scenario, and how to promote multi-lingual ease-of-use and interaction generally? Happy to hear thoughts from platform/technology end as well as facilitation/community management end.

Massive thanks for your thoughts. Bonus points if you have used Adobe Communities or Microsoft Teams (or Slack) in similar scenarios.

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