Re: What is the most challenging question for the KM community? What is our biggest fear? #state-of-KM

Jasper Lavertu

What I fear most is that KM is seen by knowledge workers and management as something 'extra' besides the primary work to be done (which is being productive and make money). The fear that knowledge workers and management are focusing on today only: knowledge workers producing deliverables and meet deadlines, management as 'firefighters' (reacting to ad hoc issues).

While management express their commitment regarding KM and agrees that the organization needs to learn, in practice their commitment is not always noticeable.

In fact, knowledge workers are mainly assessed by how successful they applied their knowledge (in meeting deadlines and quality of delivered work) and less by how they helped the organization to actually learn (at least that's my experience).

This contribution was to answer the ‘fear’ question only. I do have more positive experiences as well 😉 

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