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Guillermo A. Galdamez


I am not familiar with any specific tools, but a while back, one of my colleagues wrote a brief article on applying semantic graphs to support data science efforts:

I know this doesn't directly addresses your question, but I hope you find it useful.



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What tools do data science teams typically use to manage knowledge? The general problem is that data scientists struggle to find if any previous work was done on a particular problem, leading to re-writing code and re-discovering insights--both which waste time and resources.

Airbnb had a knowledge problem and wrote an article about it in 2016 ( and even created an open-source tool called Knowledge Repo (which didn't really take off, probably because it wasn't rich enough). 

There seems to be a need for more intelligent knowledge management platforms for data science teams that, for example, allow one to upload URLs, datasets, code, etc. in one place and can analyze package use, comments, etc. 

I was wondering if anyone was aware of current tools that are used for this purpose. 

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