Re: What is the most challenging question for the KM community? What is our biggest fear? #state-of-KM


Stephen - I don't think anyone was intending to focus solely on innovation, or otherwise give it primacy in the discussion. I think we all acknowledge that it is at a minimum only half of the potential KM solution space in terms of how KM adds value; the other half (quoting Drucker) being increasing productivity (or reducing costs, if you like). As for theĀ four core knowledge capabilities in theĀ K-Core framework you cite:

* Knowledge acquisition and storage
* Knowledge sharing
* Knowledge deployment
* Innovation

The first two are squarely in the knowledge as stock space, unless sharing also encompasses k-worker collaboration (vs. stored artifiact dissemination and reuse). I'm not sure what is meant by k deployment.

And in any case, all of them are means to value creation via KM, versus being the direct point of value creation. Again, to cite Drucker, the two principal uses of knowledge in the firm are to increase productivity and to drive innovation. I would submit that everything we do in the name of KM delivers value along one or the other of those two vectors. A possible third vector, which I have sometimes added, is quality or effectiveness - but ultimately those deliver value via reduced operating cost.

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