Video/Audio- The Social Media Manager: More Than Memes - 5 June 2019 #video #social-media

Matt Moore <innotecture@...>

Here is video & audio from the recent Information innovation @ UTS event:

Maya Mausli & Lauren Mathieson (We Are Social / PwC Australia) - Confessions of a Social Media Manager:
Jennifer Hagedorn (UTS) - Social Media Futures: 'Un-black-boxing' social:
Joanne Jacobs (Disruptors Handbook) - Social Media Influence:
Q&A Discussion:

As social media has grown, so social media management for organizations has moved from a sidehustle for an intern to a professional role. This session explores the opportunities and challenges of that role. We will discuss:
- What a social media manager actually does.
- How they engage both the organizations they work in and the broader general publics.
- The rise of the "influencer" and what this means for social media managers

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