June 2019 SIKM Call: Kate Pugh - Conversational AI #monthly-call #conversation #AI

Stan Garfield

TO: SIKM Leaders Community

Yesterday we held our 166th monthly call. Here are the details:
Thanks to Kate for presenting and to the many members who participated in the conversation. Please continue the discussion by replying to this thread.

Tweets and group chat comments

  • From Joe Raimondo: Elucidating SIKM Leaders session with Kate Pugh on Conversational AI
  • David Eddy mentioned the 90-9-1 Rule of Thumb. My article on this - Fact or Fiction?
  • Tom Barfield mentioned
  • From Vijayanandam V M: Kate, I have a use case in our enterprise to link to Conversational AI. "Decision making in organization moving from virtual meetings to Conversational chat apps like WhatsApp"

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