KM Organization structure, Team size for Professional services organization for a software product #maturity #governance

Vijayanandam VM


Good morning, afternoon and evening wherever you are :-)

I have moved back to Knowledge Management from leading the Software Delivery organization. 

   - Recently i have joined JDA Software supply chain major to lead their Global Knowledge Management practice. 

    - Few years i have lead Global KM for HP/HPE/Microfocus Software earlier, and due to reorg KM program was truncated in 2017. During that period we have shared our KM program learnings and successes in APQC and KMWorld for 2-3 years, and had opportunity to meet Stan in person multiple occasions then.

Good to connect with forum again. 

Quick query. In our current firm we are starting from Level-1 maturity (APQC mapping is good) to revamp existing KM program. What should be ideal team size for KM program, you have seen to enhance the maturity to Level -3 maturity over next couple of years.

Please share your experiences in 

1. Right team size and key roles for KM core team

2. Focus areas

3. Critical success factors

4. others 

Appreciate your guidance and support. 

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