Advice on software for knowledge sharing #tools

Jonathan Norman

I was recently approached by one of the Major Projects Association members looking for advice. Personally, I tend to focus far more on the people - activities, events, processes for knowledge sharing, rather than the software but let me share the query they sent me.

I'd be very grateful for any advice on this. Here is his query:

"We don’t have a corporate solution for knowledge capture and re-use.  Although we do lessons learned, the data is captured locally in spreadsheets and other mediums, and hence cannot be easily shared.  A high degree of the stuff captured tends to be ‘what we learnt on this problem’, rather than being what did we learn that is transferable, and what would I pass-on as my legacy, or to the next incumbent.  Likewise, when starting the next project, the data tends to have been about a specific instance and not very helpful.  It would be helpful to be able to data mine for projects of a similar nature and find relevant lessons.


I’m probably just looking for the art of the possible at this stage to see what software packages other organisations use and find helpful. We have SAP and Oracle P6 as our major systems so is there anything of a similar robustness?"

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