Re: Creating a Human Library #expertise #video


Maybe I’m not understanding your solution vision correctly, but it seems to me a challenge you’ll run into with your proposed approach is scalability. Cataloging five-minute videos for a dozen people could work fine. Do so for 1000 people will become problematic, if for no other reason than seekers will lose patience searching for their needle in the haystack.

As an alternative you might consider a solution based around what you just experienced on this forum, in which you posed a question to a specific challenge you have in a forum frequented by a group of SMEs. We all have our own sub-specialties within KM (mine is enterprise collaboration and knowledge strategy), and so those who had relevant input for you and an interest in helping did so.

I think of it as a “strange attractor” approach, in which the challenge is put in front of a wide variety of people. Each person who reads about the challenge considers what they might have to contribute to the solution and responds accordingly. This elegance of this approach is that it coalesces tacit knowledge, summoning it up in those who possess it - sometimes to their own surprise. We don’t know what we know until we know it!

Would a solution approach based on an something like that work for your use case?

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