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Phil Verghis

Hi Sahar,


Sounds like an exciting time.


I’ll be glad to chat with you. While we don’t do KM-specific consulting anymore (our software is a digital coach for support/operations managers to help them think strategically while still rocking their day jobs), my career has been spent in operations. I’ll be glad to see if there is anything I can do to pay it forward. dot com






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Dear KM experts & leaders, 


My name is Sahar. I am the Global KM Lead for Operations Systems at one of Danone's biggest business unit. 


Having been in this role for the past one year I have achieved some successes but also had my fair share of struggles (and learnings!) anchoring KM in our day-to-day business. I am at a point where I would like to exchange some notes about what I have done to date and also look for input and inspiration on how to a) institutionalize but also b) operationalize our KM activities further. 


To provide some context: Danone is rolling out different software systems (SAP being one of them) in all their factories worldwide. The software is critical for ensuring the highest quality of our products and for manufacturing them in a sustainable way. 

We have put in place local expert network that are meant to support end-users and to help us further develop the processes reflected in the software and the ways of working around them. We are currently using two platforms - Facebook Workplace for knowledge networking and communities and Alfresco for storing structured and formal information in the form of documents. There are more things in place than described here, which I can deep-dive into in a 1:1 exchange. 


In September I am planning a 3-day workshop with about 50 of our global experts. I would like to present them also with some input into how other companies (ideally also operating in the food-industry) are tackling their challenges around capturing existing knowledge, connecting experts, providing the right organizational requirements to live knowledge management and continuous learning.


In particular I would be interested in: communities of practice, incentivization, good practice documentation, KM vision and ROI, being perceived as a business enabler, technical platforms, collaborative mindset on all hierarchy levels. If you are interested in comparing notes and learning from each other about the successes and failures and the challenges still ahead  becoming a learning company (in which KM plays a strong role), I would love for you to get in touch. We can set up a call or meet face-to-face. I am located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 


Thank you all. Have a great day. 




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