KM Bingo #KM101

Dennis Pearce

My KM team is a fairly new department in our organization and is planning an open house to help other departments get to know us.  We're trying to think of handouts that people could take away and one of the ideas was bingo cards like those "buzzword bingo" things people use to track jargon that gets used in a meeting.

In this case we're looking at creating something that would have common KM pain points, such as "can't find the file," "don't know who has the information," "didn't realize you were doing that," etc. -- things that would come up during a meeting that would get employees thinking about better ways of working.

I have two questions:
  1. Has anybody done this already and if so how did it work out?  Are you willing to share?
  2. What would be some good common pain points similar to the ones I listed above that would be fun to see on a bingo card?
Dennis Pearce

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