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We talk about Knowledge Management but less so about Ignorance Management - and yet there is likely more ignorance in the world. And if knowledge is poorly understood then ignorance is even murkier. For this session, we will cover:
- The range of ignorances that we all find in organizational life and their impact on us.
- The benefits as well as the downsides of ignorance.
- The patterns of human behaviour that lead to ignorance.
- How we can harness as well as counter ignorance to lead to better outcomes.

Jason Collins helps organisations solve problems by understanding and changing human behaviour and by improving decision making. He co-founded and leads the behavioural economics practice at PwC, and has previously held roles as data science lead with ASIC, as policy adviser with the Australian Treasury, as an environmental campaigner, and as a solicitor in private legal practice. Jason has a PhD combining economics and evolutionary biology, is a founding columnist at Behavioral Scientist, and blogs at

Matt Moore is an Honorary Associate and a Sessional Lecturer at University of Technology Sydney. He has written and spoken on knowledge management in relation to artificial intelligence, social media, and post-truth. Previously he has worked for Seven West Media, PwC, IBM, ASIC and Oracle.

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