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Robert L. Bogue

Friends –


It was great seeing so many folks last week in Cincinnati. 


I’m pondering a problem for a whitepaper I’m writing and I’d love folks thoughts on it.  The short version of the question is “How do you assess the potential business value of an information asset?”


The longer form is in the context of how we need to help to separate the wheat from the chaff so that we can keep the information is the most valuable and discard (through retention schedules) the information that we no longer need.


I’m thinking about some interesting challenges.  Anything that has been converted from implicit knowledge to explicit should be elevated because of the investment that was made – in other words someone felt like this was important enough to convert it into an explicit piece.  I’m not entirely sure that I could separate the explicit from the implicit at scale and would love ideas on how to do this.


Similarly, I was pondering video interviews.  Last week we discussed that uploading a video to Microsoft Stream will automatically generate closed captioning which improves it’s findability.  Between that and the ubiquity of cell phones that can shoot video, it’s a great way to capture knowledge and to make it findable.  However, I began pondering whether we should retain the video file for the same length of time as the captions.  Do they have the same value?  If the information is high value one would expect that it might be converted into an explicit knowledge asset.  If it’s of lower value, then perhaps the best answer is to connect with the person who has the knowledge – which can be done with just the transcript.  Thoughts?


I’d love to hear folks thoughts along this line as I try to clarify my thinking.







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