Re: Should we stay or should we go? #tools

Lee Romero

My two cents: 

  • FB groups seem to impose a requirement that many may not want to follow (having a FB account).
  • Yammer seems viable, though I could see over the long haul it becoming problematic (I say this because as an enterprise user of it, I do see changes over time that are not ideal)
  • I am neutral on Yahoo! groups but based on your insights, Stan, it seems like we shouldn't expect anything new and if it's causing you problems now or making doing certain things harder on you, I see no huge value in staying there (with the caveat that we can migrate or somehow capture whatever is of value from the history of conversations in the Yahoo! group)
  • seems interesting and promising - it does mean yet-another-login, it appears. But at least one that's not directly associated with any other identities of mine.  My only concern with this is the longevity concern you raise - obviously, we can't see the future but I don't know if this platform would still be around in, say, 5 years.

Given all of that, I would say either move to and hope it is stable (and not acquired by a company that has less-than-genuine intent with it) or stick with Yahoo! until that is literally unsustainable.


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I have been dealing with Yahoo on two problems with our Yahoo group. They recently responded with this message: “Yahoo Groups isn't a supported product. The engineering team is spread thin and has to prioritize issues.


Susan Ostreicher suggested that we consider migrating the SIKM Leaders Community's discussions from the current Yahoo Group to  I read up on this, and it is a good idea. The founder of was also the founder of Yahoo Groups. There is a migration tool to move our discussions (but not our files) to  For more, see:


There are two other options I have thought about:

1. Facebook Groups

2. Yammer

  • I am a member of the How? Network, so I can create a group for SIKM and invite new members to join the network and the group.
  • Or another member could do something similar using a different Yammer network.

The priorities for a new platform are:

  1. Functionality that includes what we currently have and goes beyond it, including the ability to post and reply entirely through email.
  1. Ability to migrate old discussions to the new platform.
  1. Improved ease of use.
  1. Improved platform support.
  1. Likelihood of platform longevity.

Which of these alternatives do you prefer?

  1. Stay with Yahoo for as long as it is available and viable.
  1. Migrate to
  1. Move to a Facebook Group.
  1. Move to a Yammer Group (if you can provide access to a Yammer network, provide the details).
  1. Move to something else (specify which platform and why you prefer it).

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