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Sandra Lopez

Is a  great new. I want to share that in Columbia we have a similar community, we have been realized 3 big events, the next is August 30 in UPB Medellin. Is in Spanish, I invite too everyone to be part of the community, see in LinkedIn km Colombia
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Sandra López

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Congrats, Jasper. Great initiative and I will be happy to help.

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Dear KM enthusiasts, attention everybody, big news…


Recently, in the Netherlands there is a new initiative to set up a KM community for KM professionals.

The aim of this community is to share knowledge between KM professionals of different organizations and backgrounds, to address new (scientific) developments and learn from each other and each other's thoughts. The intention is to create a community for/with both academics and practitioners and to create a balance between different sectors (professional services, government, manufacturing, health, logistics, etc.)


The format of the community is as follows:

  • 3 to 4 times a year an event (physical) for community members
  • An online resource portal (yet to be set up)
  • University of Amsterdam will be hosting the events of the community 

The following community activities will be organized:

  • Knowledge insights (presentations with discussions)
    • New academic insights with practical relevance
    • Interesting cases from ‘the trenches’ where (new) solutions are applied, and evaluated, to complex challenges
  • Poster sessions
    • Existing challenges of community members are presented on A3 posters and the community provides feedback
  • Roundtables
    • Discussions on specific topics. A common problem definition is formulated and solution directions or action plan will be drafted. A taskforce (which can consist out of community members) will work with it to identify solutions
  • Peer support
    • Feedback of the community on a specific challenge of one of the community members by community members


The very first event will take place on September 26 at the Amsterdam Business School (part of the University of Amsterdam). The program for the first event includes a problem-solving poster-session and a presentation of Dr. P van Neerijnen about Organizational Adaptiveness & Knowledge Management.


Are you interested in this community? That’s great! Just send me a message.

Many thanks.


Jasper Lavertu

Knowledge Management Specialist, Knowledge & Innovation



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