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Katrina Pugh

Hi, Stan and Sandra
Stan's list is terrific.  Here's the presentation I did in 2017 for the SIKM leaders' community on collaboration and conversation, with summarizing research on collaboration. (Fundamentally, all collaboration takes shared purpose, structure, and psychological safety).  This summarizes a lot of the ideas from the course I teach at Columbia, Networks and Collaboration.  


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Sandra, thanks for the clarification.  Here are a few articles that may be helpful.

I encourage other SIKM members to reply with their suggestions.
  1. A Surefire Way to Build Widespread Collaboration Across Your Organization by Nancy Dixon
  2. Now That’s Radical! Build a More Collaborative, Productive Team With More (Yes, More!) Meetings by Nancy Settle-Murphy
  3. Coalescing a New Team – Creating Ties That Bind by Nancy Settle-Murphy
  4. Eight Ways to Build Collaborative Teams by Lynda Gratton and Tamara J. Erickson
  5. Collaboration Processes: Inside the Black Box by Ann Marie Thomson and James L. Perry
  6. How to Set Productive Collaboration into Action by Lisa Bodell
  7. Simple Exercise to Demonstrate Value of Collaboration by Jason Little

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Hi, thanks Stan, I am currently working with a group of people from a bank in the knowledge management, among the issues to work is collaborative work, I would like a powerful practical activity that allows them to understand the issue, if you can help me I appreciate it

Sandra López

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Hi, Sandra.

Thanks for posting here.  Please reply with a few more details on what you are seeking.  This will make it easier for the members to respond helpfully.


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