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I would reframe the effort.  Position it as an exercise in mapping the expertise of the organization.  Take it function by function.  The SMEs you want to identify will surface in that effort but without them being the focal point.  For the execs, the aim of expertise mapping is to first of all identify the key/core expertise of the organization and its functions so as to be able to ensure its continuation, further development and transfer.  An expertise map of the organization is a key element in ensuring the organization’s sustainability.  That’s what I would do.




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Hello All,


I would be very interested in hearing this group's insight, perspective and suggestions around effective ways to develop and establish a formalized SME network in an environment of disparate and informal expertise identification and networking. 


In my current (and evolving) new role, my organization has many long-tenured employees with deep knowledge and expertise. Some of the challenges are: not everyone knows who those experts are or how to connect with them (it's all about who you know); specific, critical topics/areas for expertise are not identified; relating specific, key skills and competencies to individual SMEs is not part of broader development plan; and acting/contributing as an SME is not a formally acknowledged or encouraged activity. 


I'm in the very early stages of this process, and in the current environment even a small win would demonstrate real value.


Would love to hear your thoughts! 





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