Re: Formalizing an SME Network #CoP #expertise-location

Paul McDowall

Hi David,
I'm a bit confused, do you have CoPs running or are you thinking of starting some?  The feedback you mentioned should not be taken lightly.  If you want a 'win' from the CoPs then you must focus them on a specific business issue.  That does not have to entail a full charter or business plan or anything else that's terribly official.  Mangers get a bit antsy when their experienced people are involved in activities that are ill-focused, and a full-blown charter can be off-putting when they have to commit their senior people to an ongoing involvement.  My advice is to keep it simple and clear at this early stage with one clear objective.  The key is focus - focus the dialogue of the group, focus the efforts and activities, focus the result and outcome - and show a concrete result early.  Success will breed more commitment from both the organization and the SME's managers. 

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