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Thank you for saying this, Jasper! I completely agree that we're in this life with our differences in order to collaborate. Together, we create and build what makes life special. Unfortunately, our society tilted towards strength and forgot about receptivity, and I'm heartened to see that we're taking notice and correcting the balance again.


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What a great topic!
Probably 60 years ago this discussion would have turned different than in this thread, so, I believe there is some progress in the right direction.

What struck me most was the message of the anonymous woman that Stan published.

The following is perhaps a bit off-topic but what I’ve learned (or better, what has been reconfirmed) is that some of us, men, have forgotten our primary responsibilities - which is to treat each other as equals (also meaning: don’t make people feel bad or less about themselves).

In primeval time everything was based on collaboration and joint survival. It was the only way to deal with the struggle of life. In those days they knew very well that women and men needed each other to survive. They divided tasks in a way that resulted in the biggest chance of survival. The ability of a woman to give birth is precious and astonishing (it is!), but it was also too risky to send out a woman to hunt and collect because the chance to get hurt was simply too high. Therefore, they sent out the men to do that dangerous hunting. And over a period of hundreds of thousands of years specializing as a hunter, we (men) developed one of our most important characteristics: our physical strength.

We are no hunters anymore, but in general, some men forget that. Some have forgotten our responsibility to collaborate, to treat each other equal, and to use our strength to protect the ones that are physically less strong. Instead, some of us, men, act like horny, pride peacocks and dominant, aggressive apes (no offense to the animals or to any man in this group who has the right intentions).

Dear woman, please don’t give up on us. Please keep in mind that, although it might be perceived differently sometimes, most of us do have the right intentions. So please don’t let anyone make yourself insecure, and please don’t let yourself be silenced by any man – we need your wisdom.

We are all in the process of evolution and we sure need to find our new places in our shared struggle of life. We should face and solve the problem that people are treated differently based on gender (or religion, race, etc. for that matter). But we should also celebrate that we are all not equal – but rather complementary!


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