Re: Informal Poll - What system/tool/platform do you use for KM #poll #tools

Jasper Lavertu

Hi Maureen,

We are a Dutch shipbuilding company with facilities throughout the country. There is a lot of technical knowledge and engineering data to manage. We are also using a mixed bag of tools.
1. The Tool or Platform your organization uses
  • Mainly, we have two tools: Siemens Teamcenter as a platform to manage our engineering data and we have set-up digital libraries in SharePoint.
  • We also use MS Teams to collaborate and work on documents, but we publish/share them via SharePoint libraries.
  • Some of the largest facilities have their own intranets (in SharePoint or Confluence), where they manage specific knowledge tailored for their needs.
2. How much development support was needed for set-up? What IT resources are needed ongoing?
  • We had an external consultant helping us to implement SharePoint.
  • Since we upgraded to O365 (in the cloud), we also transferred tasks from IT to the site owners (e.g. managing access rights) so IT can focus more on the technical architecture behind the tools.
  • We also got rid of third party and custom made functionalities to make us less dependent on external consultants (we experienced difficulties in the past for example when upgrading and some of the functionalities were broken, resulting in lots of effort/money to fix it).
  • For Teamcenter we have a couple of dedicated people (internal) who are managing that full-time.
  • In addition, there are several engineers who act as 'key-users' for a tool. They are partly employed just to bridge the gaps between users and the tool and to make improvements.

3. How many other systems does your KM tool integrate with? and what? i.e. Directory or code base etc
  • many, e.g. tooling for HRM (Real_HRM), internal service management (Topdesk) , time registration (TIMEnterprise), Active Directory, Some O365 apps like Teams and Streams

4. Your favorite feature of your knowledge tool(s
  • Our company has a rich history and, as I mentioned, there are several facilities. We all have our own legacy systems and knowledge (and tooling) is - to be honest - still quite fragmented and siloed. Recently we developed and implemented a group-wide digital library and I hope this will be the start of breaking down the rest of the silos that still exist. So this library is my most favorite feature at the moment. 

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