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Depends on whether it needs to be public or private. If public, then something like DKAN ( or CKAN ( would work well.


They both are open-source, free to use and install – can be installed privately on an intranet if they need to keep content private – and are relatively straightforward from a user perspective. DKAN is a Drupal extension, so you get all the functionality of Drupal as well.



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From: <> On Behalf Of Alina Pukhovskaya
Sent: 20 November 2019 16:39
Subject: [SIKM] KMS for Non-Profit Network


Hello everyone!

I wonder what would be a possible way to organize a KMS in a NON-profit international NETWORK (very affordable solution).

Main purposes: wiki, forum, document sharing.

Simple but centralized?

I would mix Facebook group for communication, Notion for wiki and documents, plus/or Google Drive somewhere. But these type of solutions seem being too much for non-profits with which I work.

I would appreciate some new ideas! Thank you

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