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Doing a PhD is a smooth path and a joyous learning experience if you are researching something you are passionate about.



If you are “doing a PhD” just to get a qualification and you don’t particularly care for the topic or have a deep personal and professional interest in, it will be a challenging journey for you.  I strongly suggest that you think about something you really care about and then find a KM angle on it. Start by looking at the World Economic Forum 17 sustainable development goals to stimulate your passion AND for topics that may make a better world. KM is in everything if you look – even if some people call it something else.  Have a look at what The Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation is doing as another source of inspiration:


One thing I suggest to my PhD mentees is to look for the opportunity rather that “the problem”. Researchers tell you to “define the problem” you are researching and assume that the answer is “out there to discover”. One aspect of the reality of our modern world is that the best research is about hat is coming next and your PhD can be part of the cocreation of that. This divergent mindset will generate more options for you that trying to find something using convergent inward) thinking. It will inspire you more and as a result generate a higher quality (tangible) output in your thesis. More importantly, you will learn much more and get better (intangible outcomes, such as confidence, a sense of self achievement  and potentially more interest in your work. I know this worked for me and works for each of my PhD students.


I have attached a copy of a book chapter I wrote in 2018 about the future of KM which may assist you in your contemplations.

I wish you good luck and highlight that luck in not the most important element in your decision…

A PhD IS hard work, but worth it if you have the right outlook and mindset. We are here to throw reflective questions against.

Enjoy your learning journey!



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Here is my response.  What else can other members suggest?

Getting a PhD in Knowledge Management, and 10 possible research topics

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