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Nick Milton

As a bit of input to this debate, I published a blog post last week,, which showed data on this question, with survey answers from 270 people world wide.


Among other things, the post shows that


  • 63% of respondents use more than one technology platform for KM
  • Which is not surprising given that there are multiple functions required from KM technology
  • The three most common technologies in use are SharePoint, “Other” categories (of which there are a myriad), and tools developed in house
  • 62% of organisations that use only one technology use SharePoint


The fact that SharePoint is so popular is shown by the data but should not necessarily be considered an endorsement. There are many things it does well, but there are many other KM functions where other technologies surpass it.  The answer, as with all technologies, is first to define what you need it to do for you,  then choose a technology suite that delivers the required functionality. And in nearly two thirds  of cases, that’s more than one technology tool.


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