Re: Informal Poll - What system/tool/platform do you use for KM #poll #tools

Matt Moore <innotecture@...>


Things that I see & hear here in Sydney:
- Office365 is everywhere. However in many organizations, it is basically an expensive cloud email platform as the other functionality is not being used. This is starting to change altho too often this is led by IT depts. So there is a broad spectrum of usage.
- GSuite is used a lot by smaller businesses.
- The suite of Cisco products is used (esp. in web conferencing). There is a bit of turf war between Cisco and Microsoft (and their respective champions within corporates) at the moment.
- Slack is used a lot (esp. by techies).
- The Jira/Confluence combo is used a lot (esp. by techies).
- Zoom is popular (because it's less hassle to set up than Microsoft Skype or Cisco so managers buy it on their credit cards).
- Box & Dropbox are used for file-sharing.
- Facebook Workplace is used a fair bit (esp. when corporate comms is run by the marketing dept).
- Knowledge managers in law firms use specialist document management tools like iManage.
- Knowledge Centred Services folk seem to use SalesForce or the knowledgebase module of their call centre software (e.g. Verint).

Many employees feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of systems available and the overlap between them. In part, this has always been the case but in the last decade, it has been exacerbated by the growth in SAAS-based shadow IT and the growing footprints of individual vendors ("hey, we can do everything too!")



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