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There are always challenges and opportunities.  One challenge we face is rapid turnover of community leaders and knowledge managers. With company-wide growth also comes new opportunities, so we have seen approximately 80% turnover. Getting the new leaders up to speed without losing community momentum is a challenge. Tools we have introduced to address this challenge is a transition checklist and a community audit process.

A second challenge is loss of knowledge due to retirements and poaching. We are introducing a knowledge loss risk assessment to help address the pending retirements. Loss due to poaching remains a challenge.

A third challenge is keeping up with technology. One part is to make sure the technology is up to date with current web-based capabilities and methods. A second part is to try to limit other tools from encroaching into our enterprise-wide KM space.

Areas for improvement include new delivery approaches for content including formatting of the attached content, being more proactive in applying knowledge, and embedding our KM tool into other applications (something like right-click the mouse from any application and see related knowledge, experts, etc. ).

John McQuary
Vice President
Technology Strategies &
Knowledge Management
Fluor Corporation

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John and Tara, thank you for this interesting and valuable insight into
FLUOR's KM success stories.
I had no time to ask my 2nd question so will do so here.
KM seems to now be engrained in your organization's culture, processes
and systems, so what next? What is(are) you next KM challenge(s)?
Where do you see the need for significant improvements?

Peter-Anthony Glick

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