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Alina Pukhovskaya

I am a dig fan of Dropbox for personal use and would love to understand better how it could potentially support an organization in KM effort. 

Just saying, in case the discussion of Tom with Dropbox could be recorded/summarized/attended. 


On 6 Dec 2019, at 12:00, Tom Short <tshortconsulting@...> wrote:

Hi Maureen. I’d be willing to lead a dialogue with them. When I worked for Jive (and before that at Lotus) we used to have these conversations frequently. It was always an uphill battle, though, to get product teams’ heads out of the product and into the place where work gets done, where a given software-based product might afford some meaningful benefit.

In order to do that, these teams needed to move past generic use cases, and get to the point of understanding the nuances of a real-life application of the product to an actual team or workflow. Only then could they start to understand and appreciate how variable the uptake of a new technology can be, and how dependent it is on company and local culture, and the individuals who are expected to use it. 

Absent this, you end up with the kitchen sink approach to product development - every conceivable feature anyone can think of is thrown in, with no regard at all to the actual configurations that real life users might actually end up using over and over again. 

Good luck with your effort here - sounds like an interesting opportunity!


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