Re: We need a team site. Will you create one for our organization? #collaboration #governance

Jan Hutter

The question of scoping the "collaboration environments" (i.e. tools and structures which have been setup for collaborating within a particular scope) is a burning question for me as well. While we are using multiple collaboration tools together (typically at least Teams for communication, Confluence for most of the documentation and SharePoint for traditional document management), the question of scoping/structuring is an overarching topic as these tools together are (conceptually) forming a single collaboration environment together.

Thus - in our case - it is really a question of identifying the right (high level) information architecture (i.e. "how does the landscape of collaboration environments look like?") and governance model (i.e. "how is this landscape of collaboration environments maintained and by whom?"). There we are currently thinking in the lines of having different collaboration environments by type (e.g. project collaboration environments or community (of practice) collaboration environments) where each type is governed by separate governance bodies, e.g. the community collaboration environments are governed by the communities program which also documents the landscape of communities (and their environments).

Wonder how others are bringing structure into their collaboration landscapes where one single collaboration environment is the combination of a set of different tools...


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