March 2008 SIKM Call: John McQuary and Tara Keithley - Fluor's Knowvember Campaign #monthly-call #success-stories

Peter West

John and Tara,

Many thanks for a deeply engaging and stimulating presentation.

Upon reflection, a number of questions come to mind ...

1.) Do you (or community leaders) scan Unanswered questions, looking for patterns (e.g., areas of knowledge that may be critical to current/future services or clients, but not available - along the lines of - do we know what we don't know?)?

2, Conversely, do you (or community leaders) scan Answered questions, looking for patterns (e.g., areas of knowledge that represent opportunities for new/expanded services or clients)?

3. In your new staff orientation-sessions, do you have content that deals explicitly with - what for many people/organizations is a stigma - asking questions (revealing that you don't know)?

4. Do you (or community leaders) embed links to external knowledge sources (e.g., industry experts, journal articles, books, and/or other media)?

I apologize for the number of questions, but you really got me thinking.

Peter West
Continuous Innovation

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