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Here are responses to your questions.

1.) Do you (or community leaders) scan Unanswered questions, looking for
patterns (e.g., areas of knowledge that may be critical to
current/future services or clients, but not available - along the lines
of - do we know what we don't know?)?

We try very hard to not have any unanswered questions. We measure the
communities on responding to questions within 48 hours. Most questions
have multiple responses within 24 hours. Due to the complexity of many of
the questions, it would take a significant effort to analyze each question
for completeness of the answer. Also, our underlying theme is connecting
people to people and this is often necessary with forum questions to gain
additional information and context to complete the answering process.

Our real goal is answering all questions within 48 hours, not just
responding to them. I don't believe you should set a faster goal due to
nature. If the subject matter experts are spread across the globe, then we
need to let the earth spin on its axis twice. First to get the initial
responses, and a second time in case there is some dissention in the

2, Conversely, do you (or community leaders) scan Answered questions,
looking for patterns (e.g., areas of knowledge that represent
opportunities for new/expanded services or clients)?

We encourage the communities to close out their forum discussions by
examing the root cause for the question, or look for a pattern of
questions. Possible actions could include updates to practices and
procedures, changes in training material, or generation of new content.
This analysis though is a hard and time consuming task. With our
integrated enterprise-wide approach, search goes across all communities,
content, discussions, and profiles, so even when the discussions are not
closed out, it will surface in the search results.

3. In your new staff orientation-sessions, do you have content that
deals explicitly with - what for many people/organizations is a stigma -
asking questions (revealing that you don't know)?

We encourage participation, including asking questions, but we don't
specifically address from the stigma context.

4. Do you (or community leaders) embed links to external knowledge
sources (e.g., industry experts, journal articles, books, and/or other

One concept we try to follow is not to manage content that is managed by
someone else. We have quite a bit of external content indexed in our
search engine.

John McQuary
Vice President
Knowledge Management and Technology Strategies

Fluor Corporation
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281-263-2533 (w)
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