Re: Jan. 21 SIKM Call: David Eddy on Alchemy of Data Elements #monthly-call

Lee Romero

Thanks, Stan, for everything you do to keep this community thriving and sharing!

And, thanks to David for what I thought was an intriguing topic.  

I did not so much have a question but just a few thoughts to share.

I actually arrived at working in the knowledge management domain (in recent years, specifically focusing on enterprise search) after working for quite some time as a software engineer - so I found David'd thesis resonated well with me.

I always thought naming in software engineering to be of critical importance - largely because software is almost entirely a mental construct.  Unlike, say, a hardware tool you can hold in your hand, you can't really "hold" a variable or a function or module or class, etc.  But you have to refer to them.

Following good naming conventions is important especially in any environment where you work with others, but I have found even on code that I never plan to share with anyone - I'm a different person the next day or next week or next year and my context and perspective will change and then names that seemed appropriate initially suddenly seem inadequate.

There is a lot of similarity between the work of an enterprise taxonomist and a developer in the area of "naming" I find - but the developer tends to be less rigid (Or, maybe that's just me :) ) in following even self-defined naming conventions.

So I am definitely on board with the idea - but also don't have much to say about how we "get there".

Thanks, though, for an interesting discussion, David.

Lee Romero

On Tue, Jan 21, 2020 at 12:59 PM Stan Garfield <stangarfield@...> wrote:
TO: SIKM Leaders Community

Today we held our 173rd monthly call. 
Here are the details:

  • January 21, 2020 SIKM Call: David Eddy on Alchemy of Data elements - Top Down Meets Bottom Up
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Thanks to David for presenting, to Dennis Thomas for the ensuing discussion, and to those who attended. Please continue the discussion here by replying to this thread.



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