Publishing internal practice and policy externally #knowledge-sharing

Lisa Poeckert

Hello everyone!

I am new to this group so I hope this post is appropriate.

I am working on a policy brief regarding whether the Land Title and Survey Authority of BC’s (LTSA) internal land title policy and practice material should be made available to external customers. This material is used by staff to make examination decision on the registrability of customer land title applications. A suggestion was made to publish the internal policy and practice materials externally. 

The LTSA is divided on the issue. Those in favour of publishing the materials argue it will create transparency, better customer service and reduce staff workload. Those against publishing the materials argue the materials are written for staff and not suitable or useful for customers and, the major issue, the materials have wording around the use of discretion in decision-making, which could lead to customer challenging staff decisions where discretion is permitted. 

I am having trouble finding an literature (studies, journal articles, books) that discuss this issue. I am wondering if anyone has had any experience on this issue, and/or publications that may be helpful.

Thanks in advance! Again, my apologies if this is not an appropriate post for this group

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