Re: KM Gap Assessment | KM Health check | KM Maturity Assessment #maturity #assessment

David Griffiths <david@...>

There is a BIG discussion to be had regarding KM maturity/auditing, which will be constrained by what KM actually means to you and your organisation and, more importantly, what you want it to mean in the future (current Vs anticipated state). 

However, one critical consideration, regardless of beliefs, is to move beyond thinking of networks as purely being about people.

Instead, start looking at networks as influence maps populated by people and objects - for example, KM is governed/influenced by policy/SOP documents that act to constrain/liberate KM activity. From there, you can understand how to influence the system, as well as creating 'whole system views' of current and desired states.

Hope that helps and provides some food for thought.

Cheers, David

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