Re: February 2020 SIKM Call: Luis Suarez - Impact of Data Analytics in Digital Transformation Programs #monthly-call #analytics #transformation

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Hi Luis,


We’d also love to see the recordings of web sessions you may have.





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Subject: Re: [SIKM] Feb. 18 Call: Luis Suarez: Impact of Data Analytics in Digital Transformation Programs #monthlycall


Oooh, and to add further up into both Kathy's and Andrew's comments in the live chat, Andrew is just spot on! I, too, know of a bunch of Intranets that make me cringe a little, specially, after how much they have succeeded in making people's lives miserable failing to find what they needed! I have been exposed to Intranets since the mid-90s and it's incredible to see how little we seem to have progressed! There is just so much more work to get done around understanding knowledge practitioners' needs and adapting to them... Yikes! 

Kathy, if you are interested in the topic, I could share some additional details on the methodology I use to help organisations reduce that inbox clutter quite dramatically through small steps and business practices they can implement pretty easily to successfully challenge the status quo of some collaborative tools, including email.I think I may even have some recordings of Web sessions I have done in the past ... Let me know and I will dig them out... Thanks much, once more, for the feedback!

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