Defining Roles & Responsibilities for KM & IT #roles

Matthew Morrow

Fellow KMers,

I am a Knowledge Manager in a company that has just recently begun to embrace the value of KM. With that being said, we are still a heavily siloed organization and we are working to establish the working relationships between the KM Department and the various other departments, especially IT where there is a very heavy overlap in the work. I'm wondering if anyone out there has had any experience in delineating the different roles and responsibilities for the work that KM & IT share? How do you delineate these roles & responsibilities in your organization?

As some more background:
Our current Knowledge Repository is integrated into our company intranet which is built on Sharepoint. Frequent discussions have been had about the which department owns enhancements to search. As there are many factors that go into how search functions from specific Sharepoint & Microsoft settings to the way that content is structured and tagged there is a lot of discussion around who carries the responsibility for each of the various aspects that affect search. This is just one example. 

Thank you, all, for your support!

Matthew Morrow

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