locked REQUEST: Please complete the SIKM Leaders Community Blueprint Survey #gender #survey

Stan Garfield

TO: SIKM Leaders Community Members

In November 2019, the SIKM Leaders Community reflected on experiences of gender and diversity in the community. The draft Blueprint document for community-wide comment contains the recommendations the community made in November, which have been expanded by 16 SIKM members during the months of January and February 2020. Members provided reflections and creative recommendations for accommodating a range of differences — not just differences in gender, but also differences in style, cultural background, thought, and identity. There was consensus that diversity is a good thing, but that we have work to do. Here is the
SIKM Gender Discussion Summary. Thanks to Kate Pugh, Nancy Dixon, and Susan Ostreicher for leading the effort and to everyone who participated in the conversations.

ACTION: Please ratify and/or provide input to the sections by responding to the SIKM 2020 Community Blueprint Survey. After all responses are in, the team will work with me to finalize this Blueprint and post for all to view.

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