Podcast / Videocast - Myths of Organizational Culture - Josie Gibson / Richard Claydon #podcast #culture

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An Information Innovation @ UTS Seminar Series Production.

00:00 - Introductions
01:58 - The myth of being able to "create" a culture
06:44 - The myth that culture drives performance
07:45 - The myth that culture is EITHER driven by leadership OR by the grassroots
08:45 - The myth that culture can be created around one thing
09:30 - Skills vs mindsets
13:31 - The importance of local context
19:00 - Retail example: Zara and the Pink Scarf
23:00 - How do organizational structures impact culture?
26:09 - How does size and growth impact structure and culture?
32:17 - The missing data on organizational failure
36:27 - Talking agile
38:00 - Organizational health markers - how sick are we?
43:30 - Digital transformation and increasingly complexity
45:45 - External shocks that change cultures (e.g. technology, policy)
52:00 - Who will be around in 10 years time? What does it take to build a sustainable organization?
01:02:20 - What about Artificial Intelligence?
01:07:30 - What can we do about culture as individuals?

Josie Gibson is a former journalist fascinated by how so few people pull off complex stuff and most others fail. She now runs a group for unique changemakers, The Catalyst Network, coaches and mentors executives and would-be leaders, and works on the occasional mega-project to keep herself grounded in real work life.

Richard Claydon's work examines ironic management and organisational misbehavior. He is CEO of RoundPegz, a community of disruptive thinkers and rebel talents helping leaders and companies better manage the turbulence of and cope with the Black Swans of the contemporary business environment. He teaches the Leadership Module for Macquarie Business School's Global MBA program.

09 March 2020


Matt Moore

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