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Attached below is a PDF containing a printout of an email newsletter from The Ready I just received this morning that I'd add as another resource related to the Conversational Leadership topic.

Here's the opening quote from this week's newsletter:

We live in unprecedented times. We’re seeing our clients, friends, and acquaintances across the world grapple with a fundamental disruption to their organizational operating systems. For many, this means nearly overnight shifting to a primarily remote work culture (and everything that entails) as well as throwing away the yearly plan that was probably only recently codified. Instead, organizations are needing to move quickly, make decisions with incomplete information, and generally operate in unfamiliar yet necessary ways to survive.

For us, it’s validation that the work we’ve been doing for the past four and a half years is incredibly necessary. Evolutionary organizations with adaptive operating systems are fundamentally designed to function — and even thrive — in situations where traditional bureaucracies fail. An OS that doesn't optimize for transparency, autonomy, or people positivity is not an OS that can handle shocks like the one we're currently experiencing. Some of these newly perceived OS cracks can and will be repaired or mitigated along the way. Others, however, will shine a light on the need for a fundamental rethinking of how organizations should function.

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